Which Rookie RB will be fantasy gold?

The 2017 draft is over and we are one step closer to the 2017 NFL football season!

Last year’s rookie class was nothing short of sensational, producing offensive weapons like the Dallas Cowboys’ new franchise quarterback and the league’s Offensive Rookie of the year Dak Prescott and his teammate and the league’s top rusher Ezekiel Elliott; and on the defensive side San Diego’s Joey Bosa and Jalen Ramsey to name a few.

So what can we expect from this rookie class? Will they be able to top what we witness last season? And how will they affect fantasy football?


The Running Backs

Only two backs were chosen in the first round, but with the year Zeke the freak had last season, eyes have been heavily on this position.

Leonard Fournette

Despite being sidelined his final season at LSU because of an ankle injury, Leonard Fournette still was expected to be drafted as the top running back.  The Jacksonville Jaguars drafted the 6’0, 240 pound running back in the first round, number four overall, the same draft number as Ezekiel Elliott.But will Fournette shadow the year Zeke had?

Don’t be misguided by his bulky size, he may be considered one of the bigger running backs, but his speed is one of his strengths, running a 4.51-second 40-yard dash at the combine. Fournette has the ability to run through tackles, but it will be a challenge with Jacksonville’s weak offensive line.

Catching from the backfield is one of his weaknesses, but if he can stay healthy and improve the jaguars’ rushing touchdowns, he can take over as Jacksonville’s top rusher.

Christian McCaffrey

The Carolina Panthers grabbed Christian McCaffrey No. 8 overall out of Stafford. He stands  5’11 and weighs 202 pounds with the ability to catch in the backfield, and extraordinary quickness. However, he has landed with a team that was up and down on offense last season. The addition of his skill set to a potentially potent offense will hopefully see Carolina take a step forward next season.

McCaffrey definitely can help take some pressure away from Cam when it comes to running the ball, but Cam is a mobile quarterback, and when Cam isn’t running the ball he is passing it to his favorite target TE Greg Olsen. Not to mention 30-year-old Jonathan Stewart is still going to have his touches, but if he gets hurt and can’t finish the season McCaffrey may have his chance to shine.

He does have the ability to catch, and is considered one of the best route runners in the draft compared to all prospective running backs and receivers and will be another weapon for Cam, but as far as racking up a large amount of fantasy football points, it is still uncertain.

Dalvin Cook

Cook is a hand down number one round talent but dropped to the second round because of off the field issues. If he can keep a clear head and stay focus, the Vikings lucked up with a valuable pick. His talent, if focus, he is comparable to   Adrian Peterson.

A good pick by Minnesota indeed, but many are still confused since the Vikings forked over a great deal of money for Latavius Murray in free agency. The two may bounce off each other well, but it’s pretty doubtful that Cook will be utilized enough to dictate taking him be the late rounds of your fantasy draft. Given that Murray and Jerick McKinnon will have the majority of the workload.


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