The NFL is back!


Week 1 of the NFL season is in the books and it was an interesting week, to say the least. I am primarily a tournament player but this year I am going to try my hand at head to head games. I go by Carolinakid1973 on all sites except Yahoo where I go by Jman. (Check out my Rotogrinders profile here) For some reason, the sting of losing to one person is much more annoying than losing a GPP. Although, the odds say you will lose GPP much more frequently than head to head contests.  The data says there is less variance in head to head matchups with diversified opponents. It is important to keep in mind that constructing cash game and GPP lineups are completely different tasks. In cash games, you want safety and upside and minimal risk. I committed a cardinal rule in constructing my line.


Cash Game Review

My biggest mistake was building my roster top down. I selected the players I wanted and to make it all work I went with a cheap defense. Possibly, the worst defense the Clevland browns. They were going up against a power offense and were underdogs. I did look at some stats that suggested Clevland might be able to hang in the game, which they did. However, they weren’t going to shut down the Steelers. It was a bad decision. While you don’t necessarily want to spend all the way up on defense. You want to target a defense going up against a terrible offense. Example, the Rams as my opponent used or the Jaguars against the Texans.

In hindsight, Carson Palmer and Bilal Powell seem like bad choices. I wanted to pair Johnson with Palmer. I thought the two would be able to exploit the Lions defense. David Johnson was injured and Palmer just doesn’t look the same. It appears age has caught up with him. Now, with no David Johnson to lean on it will be interesting to see how the Cardinals respond as Johnson will be out for awhile.

Well, that wraps up this week’s cash game review. The lesson, build your roster from the bottom up. Don’t select punt plays just to make your roster work. When you creating your player pool. Have value options at every position that you would be happy with playing. As an exercise, your first roster construction each week for cash games should be the cheapest play at each position you would feel comfortable playing. From their upgrade your roster until you have the build you like. Until next week, keep grinding.