Mock Draft Tutorial

Mock drafts are an invaluable resource to plan out your draft strategy.  If you haven’t read the article on draft strategies click here. It outlines four strategies that can be utilized. Drafting is all about knowing the value of a particular player and capitalizing on other people’s mistakes. The talent gap between players in the early rounds is greater than the talent gap between the players in round 10.

For example, both David Johnson and LeSean McCoy are both being taken in the first round. However, would anyone argue that Johnson is not the better player? Contrast that with two running backs currently being drafted in the 8th round, Theo Riddick, and Danny Woodhead. It is a toss of the coin on which player will have the better season. It is critical to get your early round draft picks at a good value and not reach. has an excellent draft simulator.  Check out the tutorial below to get started.