Undoubtedly, you have heard of the major DFS websites Fanduel and Draftkings. However, there are a number of other sites. It is important to keep in mind that each website has a different scoring system. The scoring system is how many fantasy points are awarded for a particular stat. There are also differences in the number and type of positions. Some sites have flex positions that allow you a little more flexibility in your lineup construction. Then there is the good ole salary cap. If you are looking to roster a lot of your favorite players Fanduel was a little more generous with player pricing and their 60K salary cap last NFL season. Yahoo, on the other hand, required a true understanding of value and roster construction. Regardless of the site, you have to fill all positions and remain within the salary cap.

Below I list the fantasy sites, I am familiar. This list is by no means comprehensive. Please contact me if you play on or are aware of a site not listed below. Please note, I have signed up to be an affiliate of the websites below. If you sign up through the links, I will receive a small commission from the site. It doesn’t cost you anything. I encourage you to sign up through  the links as it helps support our website. I am currently just a one person operation but I hope to grow through your support.


The  layout and ease of use attracted me to Fanduel and as previously mentioned I found it easier to build the lineups I thought were good. Being able to roster the star players you have heard of is a major attraction to the casual player. However, we will later discuss how we will use this to our advantage. There are literally thousands of contests and a range of contest types. They have large multi-entry tournaments and have recently increased the number of single entry tournaments doing the NBA and MLB seasons. I expect this to only increase this NFL season. Click here to sign up through my referral link.



Many of the top DFS players seem to prefer Draftkings. The primary reasons appear to be the use of the flex position and the ability to late-swap. Late swap is the ability to change out a player in your line-up provided that particular game or games in which the players you are exchanging have not started. This allows the ability to take advantage of late-breaking news. The flex position allows for increased differentiation in roster construction. The added layers of complexity is an advantage for the serious player.  The quarter arcade is a  players nirvana. GPP entries for just 25 cents. What could get better?


Fantasy Draft

Fantasy Draft is a great site to play on. In addition to the cash prizes, they have player experience prize packages which allow you to meet some of  sports biggest stars. Fantasy Draft  motto is “Players First”. They have beginner contests which  only allow players of a certain experience level to play against each other. The site layout is bright and easy to navigate. I would definitely recommend this as one on the sites to start your daily fantasy journey. Click my referral link to sign up. They have  a cool referral program that will allow you and me to earn a small commission.