Daily Fantasy Baseball


Daily Fantasy Baseball and opening Day of the 2018 MLB season started off with a bang. I started playing daily fantasy baseball last season. I had always thought the sport required too much time to research. Additionally, I never liked baseball. I started playing over the Summer and started reading and researching a little. I discovered that Rotocurve had great content and broke the information down in a way I understood. They have great writers and DFS players. Brian Healy and Ricky Sanders were exceptionally in analyzing the data and explaining selections.


Daily Fantasy Baseball Strategy

I was a complete novice and didn’t know that batter vs, Pitcher handedness made a big difference. The ballpark factor. Certain ballparks are prone to give up more home runs. Coors field, for example, home of the Colorado Rockies. The Rockies scored averaged over 6 runs per game more at home than on the road.  Stacking batters from one team is a sure fire way to score a lot of points in Daily Fantasy Baseball. If the team you stack has a big day you will run away from the field.  However, even the best hitters only bat .330 at best. Which makes it very important to select a good pitcher. You should also use the Vegas odds to see what they think the individual team and game run scored will be for the slate. Target hitters on teams projected to score a lot. Target pitchers opposing teams projected to score a little. This strategy is great for cash games. But to soar to the top of a big tournament you need game theory.  Game theory is selecting players who the majority of the field overlooks. This means they will be low owned. Why is low ownership important in Daily Fantasy Baseball and all other DFS sports?  Because you would be one of a few, hopefully, the only, player collecting points from a unique lineup moving you up the leaderboard.


Daily Fantasy Baseball Optimizer

I continue my research in the best tool out there RotoQL.  RotoQL has kept me in the green from the start. RotoQL is a research dashboard and a line optimizer. RotoQL breaks down on the statistical information and allows me to narrow down my player pool, create team stacks, game stacks and find players who will be lowly owned. 🙂 I plugged my player pool into the optimizer and generate lineups. Another key to winning. Multiple lineups allow you to cover multiple options. If you like two different pitchers or any position play multiple lineups. Don’t go too far and try to cover all your bases. Have a core of players and rotate the rest. I like a core of 5 players but you can do what works for you. Click here to check out RotoQL for free. 




RotoQL is the Winning Edge you need

Signing up for RotoQL is free. Check out all the tools and research right at your fingertips. It’s like have a DFS financial advisor. Are you guaranteed to win the next 100K first prize? Stranger things have happened. You will have a better opportunity. There have several different options for paid features.  I used the cheapest one only $29.99 and it has paid for itself for years to come. Opening night, I turned $3 into $55. It’s going to be another profitable season.


Daily Fantasy Baseball Fanduel RotoQL