2017 NFL Season after 4 weeks

The NFL Season is already a quarter of the way over. There is just one undefeated team left, the Kansas City Chiefs. The play overall has been a little disappointing. There does not appear to be any truly dominating teams. The NFL Championship is truly up for grabs. Mediocrity is league-wide with 14 teams with a 2-2 record. That doesn’t mean there have not been a few surprises. The Buffalo Bills stand atop their division with a 3-1 record. Their defense has played surprisingly well. The Patriots look very vulnerable on defense but I still expect them to win the division when the dust settles. The Los Angeles Rams, what a nice turnaround. They are leading the league in scoring averaging 35.5 points per game. Offensive line play is so important in the NFL. Jared Goff and Todd Gurley look so much better and with the added weapons and new head coach, they look legit.

1st Quarter MVP

Texans Quarterback Deshaun Watson definitely has thing headed in the right direction in Houston. I am not a big fan of playing rookie quarterbacks. I think watching for a season or two can really help. However, Watson is a winner and after several years of bad quarterback play, the Texans are now capable of scoring more than 17 points.



The Seattle Seahawks, I expected a better record than 2-2 through the first quarter. The lack of an offensive line and no running game is a recipe for disaster. Sure they had an offensive explosion in the second half against the Colts. But it was the Colts. They face a tough task this week at the Rams. The Seattle defense is still solid, unlike the New England Patriots.  The Patriots have allowed 4 consecutive 300 + yard passers through 4 weeks. Tom Brady is doing all he can but with a defense, it seems the Patriots are in for a long season. You have to believe Belichick and crew will get it together before the end of the season.

Fantasy Leaders-Quarterbacks ESPN scoring

Tom Brady 97.7 Points- 10 Touchdowns

Alex Smith 89.6 Points  – Finally showing some balls to throw the ball down the field.

Russell Wilson 84.8 Points. Stats bloated by one big game against the Colts.


Fantasy Leaders- Running Backs ESPN scoring 1 Point PPR

Todd Gurley 119.6 Points- 4 Rushing & 3 Receiving touchdowns already.De

Kareem Hunt-112.9 Points- What a surprise. I had no idea he was this talented of a player.

Le’Veon Bell 77.7 Points- Missed training camp and it’s showing. We need more!


Fantasy Leaders-Wide Receivers ESPN scoring 1 Point PPR

Stefon Diggs 84.9 Despite Case Keenum at quarterback

Antonio Brown- 74.8 Points

DeAndre Hopkins 74.1 Big round of applause. Welcome back from fantasy hell. Can you believe he was actually pushing for Savage to be the starting quarterback?

Fantasy Leaders-Tight End ESPN scoring

Rob Gronkowski 63.8 Points (Finally paying off his high season long draft position.)

Zach Ertz 62.6 Points

Travis Kelce 59.2 Points


Detroit Lions  57 points-7 Interceptions already

Jaguars 52 points – If they could ever get the offense going they would be something to deal with.

Steelers – 49 points 15 Sacks and 4 interceptions




Picture credited to USA Today